Welcome to My:Bank

We are excited to present you with the newly revamped My:Bank, the online shift booking system for bank members – compatible across desktop, mobile and tablets devices and all the leading internet browsers, it’s now even easier to search for shifts based on your availability!

What's new

You will notice that we have made some key changes with the system, as a result of key feedback and research. In particular, the Search Shifts and My Time screens have now been redesigned to maximise shift fill levels. Shading has also been removed on the calendar view to denote availability, to provide a clear user-friendly interface.

Key Features of My:Bank

My:Time – Search, book and manage shifts through a simple calendar view
My:Timesheet – View, manage and release timesheets for payment
My:Payslip – Review pay information and download payslips

Take a closer look at these key features with our new video below!

Get started! First step – very important

The first and very important thing that you need to do once you have logged in is to update your availability.

Desktop/laptop users
Use the blue 'Update my availability'option
Mobile device users
Use the blue 'Search Shift'option, then the 'Update my availability'option.


Alternatively, to perform a quick search for shifts, select the 'Ignore my availabilty'option.

Once you have done this, simply click the green 'Search shifts'option as usual. All shifts suitable for you will appear in new smart calendar view.

Watch our short video to find out more about the key features and how to update your availability.


Use your NHS Professional Flexible Worker login details to access the system via the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Need help?

There are hints and tips within the platform but if you do need any extra assistance please refer to the documents below or alternatively, please contact the National Service Centre on 0333 2407 552.