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If you're struggling to find available shifts it could be due to your NHSP:Online profile not being up-to-date. By making sure that the assignment codes we have recorded for you reflect your current experience and expertise, you're making sure that you get to see ALL the right shifts that match your skills. We've pulled together all the key documents you might need if you want to either upgrade/maintain your NHSP:Online assignment codes.

Bank Only

Substantive - Assignment amendment forms

When you submit a request to update/maintain your assignment codes, we may need to re-validate some of the information we hold for you on your file. This is just to make sure we've got everything up-to-date so you can keep working through the bank, hassle free. You will be asked to provide us with a clinical reference from your manager which confirms that you have either 6 months experience or have worked 48 shifts under the assignment code that you ask us to add to your profile.

Once you have this reference from your manager, you can take your completed form/s to your local NHSP Trust Liaison Coordinator along with your Eligibility to Work documentation and they'll get your profile updated in no time.

Substantive registration forms are here:

Click here for Substantive registration forms.