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My:Bank Update

We’ve just launched an exciting new update on My:Bank making it easier for you to search for shifts based on your availability.

Desktop/laptop users

Use the blue 'Update my availability' option

Mobile device users

Use the blue 'Search Shift' option, then the 'Update my availability' option.

Alternatively, to perform a quick search for shifts, select the 'Ignore my availabilty' option.

Once you have done this, simply click the green 'Search shifts' option as usual. All shifts suitable for you will appear in new smart calendar view.


 May Bank Holiday Pay Schedule


May is fast approaching. Please submit your timesheets early, so these can be

authroised by your manager by the deadlines.

Deadline for releasing timesheets Pay dates
Wednesday 26/04/2017 Friday 05/05/2017
Wednesday 03/05/2017  Friday 12/05/2017