Trust Bank Workers
NHS Professionals works in partnership with circa 62 NHS Trusts. If you are employed by one of these Trusts and would like to work additional hours through NHS Professionals you have two options:

1. Register to become a Trust specific NHSP:Bank member, working additional hours exclusively at your Trust

This membership registration process usually takes a week from when you submit your form. This timeframe is possible as your Trust is underwriting your clinical governance.

What you need to do:

• Complete a registration form and gather relevant verification documents (detailed in the form)

• Meet with your Ward Manager for allocation of assignment codes and registration authorisation

• Meet with your local NHSP Trust Liaison Coordinator taking all relevant documents with you

Your login details will be sent to you within a week and you will be able to view and book suitable shifts via NHSP:Online.

To view a list of the Trusts we work in partnership with click here.
Substantive registration forms:
0214 Admin and Clerical - button.jpg0214 AHPs and Healthcare Scientists - button.jpg

2. Gain access to additional hours at 62 NHS Trusts by becoming a full NHSP:Bank member
By completing the full bank registration process you will have access to view and book suitable shifts at any of the Trusts we work in partnership with.

Full bank membership registration does take a longer time to complete than Trust specific membership registration as it follows a rigorous recruitment process that is fully compliant with NHS Employment check standards.

For more information and to begin your NHSP:Bank membership applications click here.