Joining the NHSP bank – essential information

Quality must lie at the heart of all that the NHS does - and at the heart of what we do. We need to make sure that only the best people for the job are available through NHSP. This continues to be vital in light of the recommendations set out in the Francis Report. The report puts increasing pressure on the NHS to make sure that the care it provides is of the highest quality right across the country.

This is why our applicant screening process is so rigorous. We are not only following the NHS Employers’ Employment Check Standards – which also apply to all Trusts – but also requirements set out by the Disclosure & Barring Service, UK Borders Agency and DH ‘Green Book’. The process ensures that everyone working in the NHS via NHSP:

  • has the right to work in the UK;
  • is who they say they are and not working under an assumed name;
  • is qualified to do the job for which they are applying - and where applicable, registered;
  • is of good character;
  • is physically and psychologically capable of doing the work, taking into account any current or previous illness;
  • does not represent a health risk to patients or their colleagues; and
  • will be doing work that is suitable and safe for them.

As such, registration checks can be time consuming and it is critical that applicants – and their referees – provide us with the information that we require as quickly as possible; and that such information is complete.

Our process not only ensures that those registered with us are of the highest quality but that the level of patient care that the NHS provides will be of the highest standard.

Your application to join the NHSP bank, if successful, means that you will be registered for available shifts which match your work preferences as well as your skills and experience. While we cannot guarantee that you will find shifts that match your work preferences, we do our best to register applicants only where demand exists but this can vary from Trust to Trust and over the course of time. 

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