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    • Agency
      How should I address invoices to NHS Professionals clients?

      ​Invoices should be addressed to:

      <<Trust Name>>
      c/o NHS Professionals Ltd
      PO Box 647
      WF1 9HQ

    • How do I get rates authorised by the Trust?

      ​If the rate on the invoice is different than the current authorised rate you will need to seek approval from the Trust who will need to authorise the new rate.  New rates should be submitted on NHSP:Online where they will automatically be submitted to the Trust for authorisation.

      If you are charging a different sector/band to that requested by the Trust you will need to ask the Trust to amend the original booking to reflect the sector/band invoiced.  For agencies using e-Timesheets this can be done using the “Query” button on the booking.

    • Who do I contact if I want to discuss an invoice query?

      ​If your invoices are queried you can contact the Accounts Payable Department which is dedicated to agencies supplying to NHS Professionals clients.  The number to call is 0113 307 4350 or 0113 307 4377.  There is no limit to the number of queries you can discuss when calling this number.

    • What invoice backing do I need to provide?

      Agencies not yet using agency e-Timesheets need to submit a paper timesheet reflecting the details of the booking and signed by an authorised, Trust signatory.

      Agencies using e-Timesheets need to put the backing report number they are invoicing on the invoice. Only one invoice should be submitted per backing report.  The invoice total should match the total of the shifts included in the backing report.

    • For paper timesheets, how do I find the booking reference?

      ​Check the booking reference on NHSP:Online.

      If there is no booking reference because the shift is not on our system then the agency needs to liaise with the Trust requestor to get the booking onto NHSP:Online.

      Invoices submitted without a booking reference will be returned to the agency.

    • The worker who worked the shift is not on NHSP:Online. What do I need to do?

      ​Details of the worker who worked the shift need to be set up on NHSP:Online so that the worker information can be entered as part of the invoice approval process.

    • The signed paper timesheet does not reflect the work location of the original booking. What do I do?

      ​If the location details on the paper timesheet do not match the shift information on NHSP:Online then the agency will need to request the Trust to amend the booking so the details match.  This often happens when a Trust re-assigns a worker once they have arrived for the shift but they forget to amend the booking information.

    • The Trust agreed the worker can claim mileage for the shift. How do I invoice this?

      ​For agencies using e-timesheets, a separate invoice needs to be created quoting the original shift reference.
      For agencies using paper timesheets, the mileage claim should be added to the invoice the shift is on or be invoiced separately quoting the relevant shift reference number.
      Please note, mileage invoices will not be validated and processed until the original shift has been cleared for payment so do not invoice for mileage unless you have already invoiced for the shift worked.

    • How do I invoice for a short notice cancellation payment?

      ​Cancellation payments should only be invoiced once a cancellation shift reference has been provided by NHS Professionals.  If you wish to claim a cancellation payment please e-mail with the original shift details.  The cancellation will be investigated and if a cancellation payment is due you will be advised of the shift reference number to invoice against.

    • My invoice has been queried due for break reasons. What do I need to do?

      ​Please ensure that when invoicing paper timesheets the break policy of the Trust has been applied. 

  • Holiday Pay
    • Holiday Pay
      What is The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) 2010?
      The main principle of the regulations directive, which came into force on 1 October
      2011, is to give equal treatment to someone who has been with the hirer for 12
      continuous weeks in a given job. The agency worker (for NHSP purposes a Flexible
      Worker) will be entitled to at least the basic working and employment conditions
      such as pay and working time which are equal to the hirer's own employees.

      The regulations will give NHSP Flexible Workers an entitlement to the same or no
      less favourable treatment as comparable employees with respect to basic
      employment and working conditions, if and when they complete a qualifying
      period of 12 weeks in a particular placement.
    • What rights will flexible workers have?

      ​ From the effective date of the regulations October 2011 a flexible Worker on a placement will be entitled to:

      • The same access to facilities such as staff canteens, childcare and transport as
      a comparable employee of the hirer.
      • Be informed about job vacancies.
      When the 12-week qualifying period has been achieved, a flexible Worker will
      be entitled to the same basic conditions of employment as if they had been directly 
      employed by the hirer on day  one of the placement, specifically:
      • Enhanced holiday leave accruals of up to 27 days plus 8 days bank holidays
      (Standard leave is 20 days plus 8 days bank holidays).


    • What is a "comparative" employee?
      The regulations aim to ensure a Flexible Worker is engaged on the same
      relevant terms and conditions as a "comparable employee". In other
      words, "what terms and conditions would the Flexible Worker have received
      if they had been directly recruited into the role?"
    • What does the acceptance of AWR do for me?
      ​The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) means that if you, as a Flexible Worker,
      have achieved the 12 week qualifying period, you will be entitled to the same
      basic conditions of employment as if they had been directly employed by
      NHSP on day one of a placement, specifically:
      Enhanced holiday leave
      accruals of up to 27 days plus 8 bank holidays - (standard leave is 20 days plus
      8 bank holidays)
    • Why MUST I release timesheets promptly?
      To ensure the enhanced leave can be gained it is important that your
      time sheets are released. Time sheets not released do not accrue leave.
      Any shift not released within 12 weeks of the shift date will not be accrued
      for the purpose of annual leave. It is important to release timesheets weekly
      to ensure accurate calculations of accrued leave are maintained.
  • Working with NHSP
    • Working with NHSP
      How does an Agency apply to work through NHSP?
      NHS Professionals works with Agencies selected by their client Trusts. If
      you want to supply to a Trust please contact the Procurement/Contracts Manager at that Trust.