Automated Shift Marketing Email FAQs
  • Automated Shift Marketing Email FAQs
    • Automated Shift Marketing Email FAQs
      Why am I getting this email?

      This is a new service being supplied by NHS Professionals to make it easier for you to find available shifts.

    • What is the meaning of the red, yellow and green colours?

      It denotes the urgency and amount of time before the start time of a group of available shifts.

    • Why can I not book a shift which has been advertised on the shift alert email?

      This shift may have been booked by someone else and therefore is no longer available. You are able to find and book similar or alternative shifts by logging into NHSP:Online.

    • Why can I see a shift on the email but not in NHSP:Online

      ​This shift has been booked by someone else or cancelled by the ward since the email has been sent to you.

    • Not all shifts are appearing in my email?

      Only those shifts which are available from your chosen Trust areas will be selected for the email.

    • The images on my email are not downloading. How do I download the images?

      ​There will be an option within your email system asking if you would like to download the image. Alternatively click on the right hand side of your mouse and select the download images option.

    • Why does this email not download fully?

      ​If you are downloading the email via your mobile device you may have local device restrictions stopping the images from downloading.

    • Why am I receiving this email into my junk / bulk mailbox?

      ​Your email account may be set with a high filter, therefore preventing the email from coming into your inbox. To move this email to your inbox you can add the ‘Sender’ address to your safe sender list.

      Please click here to see how to do this.

    • Can I change which shifts I get to see?

      ​You will only be presented with shifts which according to your NHSP:Online account you have the appropriate skills/experience and compliance access rights to work. Click here to update your lead time and work availability preferences.

      if you want to add another Trust/ward or assignment code (staff group and area of work label) to your account, please call our service centre for details on: 03332 etc etc.
    • Can I choose another shift which is not on the shift alert email?

      ​Yes. By logging in to NHSP:Online account you can update your availability details and book / cancel shifts.